Blink camera not detecting motion – Causes and Fixes

If your Blink camera not detecting motion, then there can be many reasons for it, and there are several ways to fix it. But first, you need to find out the actual problem, and then you can understand what you need to do. 

Many customers complain that my blink camera is not recording, so fear not. This is a common issue and can be fixed with the right knowledge. Today we will explore the easiest way to fix the blink motion detection not working trouble. So let’s dive into it.

Why doesn’t my blink camera detect motion?

This problem can occur for many reasons. First, check your blink camera motion detection is turned on. Next, check the wifi and IR issues. Also, check the activity and private zone settings. And the last thing that you can do is reset your sync module and camera. Let’s know in detail the reason and fixes.

Turn ON Motion Detection

First, ensure your blink camera motion detection is turned on, and the camera is armed. 

To check the settings:

  • Launch your Blink app
  • Go to Camera settings
  • Enable motion detection
How to Turn ON Motion Detection on blink camera

Battery Issues

Many customers say Blink camera battery issues are common. A low battery will affect the camera for many problems, such as motion detection, the camera blinking red, and more. The camera required two high power batteries.

Removing and reinserting the battery sometimes fixes the problem. You can use AA batteries for your camera. Also, you can check the power saving mode, as motion detection may be affected due to it. 

Check Motion Sensitivity

You can adjust the camera sensitivity as per your preference. By increasing it, the camera can detect motion more clearly. The default value is 5; you can change it to 6-7, but not more than ten. Because high sensitivity increases the chance of false alarms.

Firmware or Software Update Issues

Next, check if your camera software or Firmware is up to date. Keep updating your camera can increase performance and reliability. Also, the new Update can fix bugs and add new features.

To check Firmware is updated:

  • Open Blink app
  • Select camera
  • Go to settings
  • Open “Device Information”
  • Click Update (if it is not)
One of the common reason for blink camera not detecting motion is Poor wifi Connection

Poor Wi-Fi Connection

The most common reason Why doesn’t my blink camera detect motion is a weak wifi signal. The camera cannot send motion alerts to your smartphone for poor WiFi. Check your internet connection strength and ensure it is close enough to sync modules.

Incorrect Blink Camera Placement

Improper camera placement is another reason for Blink not recording motion. Place your camera in a visible place so that the camera can pick up motion easily. Also, do not place the camera in front of the glass and above the door. And remember to put off the sticker from the sensor before mounting the blink camera.

Blink camera not detecting motion at night.

If the blink camera motion detection not working at night, then it is caused by your IR or night vision settings. Check the IR (Infrared) setting is turned on.

To view it:

  • Open Blink app
  • Go to the Camera setting
  • Click Night Vision
  • Toggle control auto or on
How to Reset Blink Camera

Reset Blink Camera

If the problem still appears, you need to reset your camera. Resetting the camera will delete all settings and corrupt firmware files. Note that this also removes all data and linked accounts. You have to set them as before.

How to set up blink outdoor camera?

For setup the blink camera, you need to follow some steps.

To set up the Camera:

  • Install the Blink App
  • Make a New Account
  • Set Up Your Sync Module
  • Insert Batteries
  • Mount the camera
  • Customize the settings

How to reset blink camera after replacing battery?

To reset blink camera after replacing battery:

  • Remove the Old Battery and insert new
  • Press and Hold the Reset Button
  • Wait until the light turn red
  • Use something to reach the button
  • Wait for the blink camera blinking green or solid blue
  • Re-connect to internet
  • Test the Camera
What batteries do blink cameras use

What batteries do blink cameras use?

Blink cameras use two non-rechargeable 1.5V AA lithium metal batteries, and the brand of batteries is Energizer Ultimate e2.

Warping Up

There can be several reasons for the Blink camera not detecting motion. Try to find the causes first because if you can find the actual causes, then it will be easy to fix. If all the fixing you have tried and the problem still appears, then it is time for a new camera for your home. When the camera is old, then it loses its feature function and stops working. 

Additionally, for any kind of help, you can contact Blink Help Center. They provide 24/7 support to ensure customer satisfaction.