Eufy camera not recording events – 8 Reasons and Fixes

After looking at several security cameras, I was excited to buy a eufy camera. Since it is a very popular choice these days, I go for it. And to keep an eye on my house all the time and record any suspicious activity, it’s a great camera.But suddenly I faced a problem that my Eufy camera not recording events.

At first, I was trying some common tricks. But after some research and testing some settings, I found some possible ways to fix my Eufy camera. I am very excited to share the ways with you. And I promise you that you will find the solution to fix your eufy camera. So, let’s dive into it.

My Eufy camera not recording events – Don’t worry!

Before fixing the issues, first, we need to know the exact reasons, “Why is my eufy camera not recording“. It can be caused by several reasons, such as low battery, weak network connection, outdated firmware, and more. Let’s know the details about the causes and how to troubleshoot the problems. Here are some common reasons for eufy not recording issues.

1: Check the camera battery.

A weak or low battery can cause the camera not to record events. Even if you change the battery a week ago, the problem may seem if the battery is defective. In that case, replacing the battery will be the best solution.

To check Eufy camera battery status:

  1. Open the eufy security app
  2. Select the camera you want to check. 
  3. Go to settings 
  4. Tap power manager, and you can see the battery icon.
Eufy camera not recording events because of Poor Wi-Fi connection

2: Poor wifi connection

A strong wifi connection is essential for the eufy camera to record events. Sometimes, it cannot receive notifications from the eufy app due to poor connection. And the result is that it failed to record events. You can see the network connection in your app home screen with a wifi icon. 

Keep the camera closer to your router. The ideal distance between the Eufy camera and your router must be within 30 feet. Also, if your router is defective, the problem may occur. To resolve this issue, reset your router. Or you can simply power off the router and power it on again.

3: Incorrect camera settings

Set up your camera correctly to ensure your camera recording. You can customize settings to your preference. They offer various setting options. But ensure that the camera is on and the motion detection is enabled.

To set up your camera settings, follow this step below:

Ensure the camera is on and motion detection is enabled: 

  • Go to the eufy app
  • Go Devices tab
  • Camera Settings 
  • Turn on the camera if it’s off.
  • Enable Motion Detection

Check the camera’s sound detection types and sensitivity levels:

  • Open the Eufy Security app
  • Go Devices tab
  • Tap Camera Settings
  • Sound Detection

Check The working mode of the camera is configured to record video.

  • Go Eufy app
  • Go to the Security tab
  • Select Home/Away mode
  • Mark the Record Video checkbox.
Power Cycle your Eufy Cam

4: Power Cycle your Eufy Cam

Power Cycling the camera helped many owners to solve the eufy not recording issue. It refreshes the camera and removes programming bugs.

So you should also try this out! If there are not any hardware issues on your camera, then it will definitely work. You need to disconnect the camera and connect it again to the power source after a few minutes.

To power cycle the eufy camera: 

  • Find the house base or office circuit breaker
  • Turn the breaker “off.”
  • Wait 30 seconds to 1 minute
  • Turn the breaker “on” position again

You can also contact eufy customer support for help. They will give you proper guidelines for troubleshooting.

5: Update eufy camera firmware.

If you don’t update your camera firmware, then many problems can occur, and the recording trouble is one of them. Also, you can say it is the most responsible part of running the cam. Firmware keeps the camera safe from bugs that are decreasing its performance.

Usually, the firmware is automatically updated, but sometimes it may not be. 

To check your firmware is updated, follow the steps below:

  • Launch the Eufy App
  • Slide to view the side menu
  • Click on My Devices.
  • Click Select Devices
  • Select Device Settings
  • Open About Devices

If the eufy camera firmware is updated, then the problem is somewhere else.

6: Low storage capacity or Replace the SD card.

If your camera storage is full, then it can not able to store new records. Check the eufy app and ensure there is enough space to record events. If it’s already full, Remove unnecessary, old, or irrelevant footage to increase the cam storage. 

7: Increase Motion Detection Sensitivity level

Another important thing to consider when dealing with “my cam view is not showing events” is motion sensitivity. Check the sensitivity level, if it is set too low, then increase it. However, improving motion detection can be causes for many unwanted situations like false alarms. So, you should set it to a sweet spot so that everything is fine at this level.

How to reset eufy camera

8: Reset the Eufy cam

After implementing all these fixes, if your camera fails to record events, you should reset the eufy camera. It will erase all the bugs or errors and return all the settings to the default device settings. Also, this will delete all your recorded footage. So, be sure to back up your data before resetting the camera.

How to reset eufy camera:

  • Find the sync button on your camera
  • Press and hold the sync module button for about 10-15 seconds.
  • Release it after hearing a beep.
  • It’s turned back to default settings and is ready for setup.

How to charge eufy doorbell

To charging eufy doorbell, follow these easy steps:

  • Get The Removal Tool
  • Remove the Eufy doorbell
  • Locate The micro USB port
  • Connect the Charging Cable
  • Monitor the Charging Status
  • Fix The Eufy Doorbell On The Frame
  • Test the Doorbell’s Functionality
Why is my eufy camera light red

Why is my eufy camera light red

The eufy camera red light means it fails to connect to the network. And if it is solid white, it indicates that your camera is successfully connected to the network.

Suggestion: Why is my blink camera blinking red.

Why is my eufy camera offline

The eufy camera can be offline for various reasons. Here are some common reasons for eufy cam offline:

  • Poor Network Connection
  • Camera firmware update
  • Router settings
  • Power Issues
  • Outdated eufy app
  • Low storage

How to remove eufy doorbell to charge battery

To remove the eufy doorbell to charge the battery:

  • Detech the eufy doorbell from the mounting bracket
  • Press into the pinhole on top of the eufy doorbell
  • Lift the top for removal

Now, it’s your turn!

These are the best possible fixes for your eufy camera if it’s not damaged. But before fixing it, you need to ensure where the problem exactly is. I hope it will help you, and I am glad to share my research about eufy camera not recording events with you. If you need further help you can contact the eufy security camera support system. They are very helpful.