Eufy Camera Offline | Know the cause and remedy 2023

Eufy cameras are one of the most important home security tools. Which is a subsidiary part of a more extensive surveillance system. There are many reasons why the Eufy Camera Offline. Why Eufy camera shows offline, how to solve this problem step by step.

However, let’s get down to the basics.

Why the Eufy cameras offline
Why the Eufy cameras offline

Why the Eufy cameras offline

Eufy camera going offline can be due to various reasons. We have found some notable reasons here. Solving this problem may involve several steps.

But the notable points are-

  • Network Connection issues
  • Camera firmware issue
  • Router settings
  • Power Issues
  • Interference
  • Update app issue
  • Memory card issues
Fix eufy security camera offline issue

Fix eufy security camera offline issue.

Now, we have found the significant reason for the camera offline. Let’s fix them and bring the Eufy camera from offline to online mode.

Network Connection issues

  • Check your home security camera’s wifi network connection. Sometimes, you will notice that the camera is outside the range of your wifi router.
  • Check if other devices on the same wifi are accessing the network correctly. If you get access, it’s not a wifi problem.
  • If, by chance, it is a network issue, then you restart your wifi router to refresh your network connection. You will see that the network connection problem is fixed.

Camera firmware issue

  • Sometimes, offline camera issues can be caused by outdated or corrupted firmware.
  • Make sure your Eufy security camera has the latest firmware installed. Firmware updates can improve camera performance and fix bugs.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions if you need help updating your camera firmware. Offline issues related to Eufy security camera firmware will be resolved.

Not only that, another problem occurs when your firmware is not updated, that is, Eufy does not record events.

Router settings

  • Check if the router settings are compatible with your Eufy camera. A 2.4GHz wifi network is crucial as some Eufy cameras do not support 5GHz.
  • Check if any firewall settings or port restrictions on the router could block the camera’s connection.
Power Issues

Eufy camera offline after power outage

The best part of the Eufy camera is its long-lasting battery. Again, this long-lasting battery is one reason for the Eufy camera offline.

Eufy cameras can last about a year on average once fully charged. And because of this, the battery does not remember when the charge is over. So, the battery should be checked first if the camera is offline.

Please charge the battery properly when it runs out of charge. Replace the Eufy camera battery if the battery is down or swollen. This will solve your power. 

You can use a solar panel if you don’t want to worry about running out of battery. Especially with Eufy outdoor cameras, you don’t have to worry about running out of charge.


Having multiple other electronic devices connected to the same wifi or wireless interference from nearby wifi networks can disrupt your camera’s connection.

However, try changing the wifi channel on your router to maintain your camera’s connection and wifi speed.

Eufy Update app issue

Now, almost all Eufy security device users control the camera through the Eufy app from their smartphone. In this case, your camera will show offline if you still need to update the latest version of the Eufy security app.

So, update the latest version of the Eufy Security App whenever you get an update notification.

Memory card issues

Eufy camera memory card issues

When using the SD card in the eufy indoor camera, ensure it is inserted correctly. Many times, the device shows offline if the SD card is set incorrectly. If the memory card is fine but shows errors, then you should format the memory card.

Note that formatting the memory card will delete all your recorded footage. So take backup of important footage recorded on eufy Outdoor Camera.

How to Fix Eufy Security Camera?

You can fix your Eufy security camera by following the steps below –

  1. Check the power source
  2. Check wifi connection
  3. Update the firmware
  4. Restart the camera
  5. Reconfigure
  6. Reset the camera
  7. Contact Eufy Customer Support for further assistance.
What should I do if my Eufy camera’s battery drains quickly?

Check the power-hungry settings if your Eufy security cam’s battery is low and the battery life is short. You can use solar instead of battery.

How do I reset my eufy security camera doorbell to factory settings?

When you want to reset your Eufy indoor/outdoor camera, you will find a sync button on the side or back of the Eufy doorbell camera. Now, you hold the button for 10-15 seconds. Until you hear two beeps. Release as soon as you hear the beep. You will notice that the camera turns on and then resets automatically.


The above discussion fully describes how to offline fix your eufy smart doorbell camera. The details are covered nicely, from restarting the camera to changing the battery and checking the connection.

However, if the Eufy camera is offline due to a major issue, please get in touch with Eufy Security Support.