How to reset the blink camera and sync module 2023

Almost every device has many functional options. Many times it is seen that the Blink security camera is not working even though the connection, signal, and Wi-Fi network are fine. Maybe you accidentally shut down a working system, but now you can’t find it.

The easiest way to fix this is to factory reset the device. A factory reset will bring your device back to its original state and work fine. Let’s know these steps on how to reset the blink camera.

How to Reset a Blink Camera

When you finally reset your blink camera. Then press and hold the button on the side of the module until its light turns red. Blink Camera Sync Module works. So the Blinking mini camera has a reset button.

If the camera is offline, it takes a power cycle to bring the Internet router or sync module back online.

But when you know when to reset the blink system and when to power cycle your router and module. Knowing these things can help you save a considerable amount of time.

Resetting your blink camera
Resetting your blink camera

Resetting your blink camera

XT, XT2, Blink indoor, and outdoor cameras require a sync module because the sync module connects all cameras to the Internet.

If you’re experiencing problems with your Blink Cameras, we suggest power cycling your Blink system and router as a first step. This means you don’t have to reconnect all your devices.

Power Cycling Blink Cameras and Sync Modules

If the camera or sync module is offline, try a power cycle before resetting it. This method is simple because you don’t have to reconfigure the system to power cycle.

Try power cycling the Blink Camera system while the internet modem is offline.

Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Unplug the internet modem and Wi-Fi router.
  2. Please wait a minute.
  3. Plug the modem back in.
  4. Once the modem is back online, plug it into the router.
Home Network

You can tell if the internet power cycle has worked by looking at the light on the sync module. There will be a solid green and a solid blue light.

Power cycling may not solve your problem. In this case, Resetting your Blink system is a breeze. Reset the sync module, and you should be good to go.

Unplug the Sync Module power cable
Unplug the Sync Module power cable

If you need to reset the sync module:

  1. To perform a device reset, press and hold the reset button for 15-30 seconds until you see the blink smart camera signal light turn red. If you have Sync Module 1, its control will be on the side; if you have Sync Module 2, it will be on the back.
  2. Wait for a solid blue light and a flashing green light. Then the reset is complete.

Resetting the sync module in this process will put it in “set-up mode,” and the connected camera will go offline. To enable the cameras again, uninstall and reinstall the sync module from your Blink app.

Look for the solid green and blue lights
Look for the solid green and blue lights

To delete a Sync Module:

  1. To find the Sync module on the Blink app, scroll down.
  2. Select “Delete Sync Module.”
  3. Now scan the QR code below the module or enter the serial number.
  4. And finally, tap on “Delete.”

Follow these steps to reinstall your sync module:

  1. Go back to the home screen and click the “+ sign.”
  2. Select “Sync Module.”
  3. Scan the QR code again.
  4. Select your blink system.
  5. Please choose “Discover Device” and confirm that your sync module shows a flashing blue and green pattern for successful synchronization.
  6. Now join the sync module to its temporary WiFi network.
  7. Then enter your WiFi details and click on “Join.”
  8. Blink will now start the automatic connection process.
  9. Select “Done.”

If this process does not resolve your camera issue after resetting the sync module, please contact Blink Customer Service.

How to Blink Mini Camera Resetting
How to Blink Mini Camera Resetting

How to Blink Mini Camera Resetting

Blink Mini does not need to Stay connected. to a sync module. You must reset the camera if you have a Blink mini that works independently.

  1. Plug in the Blink Mini.
  2. Resetting is easy – press and hold the reset button for five seconds. Use a paper clip or a small screwdriver.
  3. Notice that, the blue light will start flashing, and now you can set up Blink Mini Camera again.

Using the sync module, you can power cycle or reboot a Blink Mini along with the entire system.

Where is the reset button on the blinking device?

All Blink cameras, doorbells, and Sync modules have a reset button for easy resetting. The locations of the reset buttons are as follows:

  1. Sync Module (Original): Next to the USB port.
  2. Sync Module 2: Located on the top right of the product sticker.
  3. Blink Indoor Camera: The battery stays in the compartment.
  4. Blink Outdoor Camera: In battery compartment.
  5. Blink Floodlight Camera: Located below the camera.
  6. Blink Video Doorbell: located above the camera.
How to Install a Blink Outdoor Camera?

Follow the steps below to install Blink Outdoor Camera:

  • Unbox and prepare.
  • Choose a location.
  • Mounting.
  • Attach the sync module.
  • Network setup.
  • Camera configuration.
  • Examination.
  • Monitor remotely.

That’s it! If you follow the above steps correctly, you can install your Blink Outdoor Camera properly.

Why is my blink camera flashing green?

Blink Camera will turn green when your Blink Camera has Wi-Fi connection or synchronization issues. To resolve this, do the following:

  • Check Wi-Fi.
  • Restart Camera.
  • Sync Camera.
  • Update Firmware.

Contact Blink Customer Support for further assistance.

How to unregister blink camera

To unregister blink camera

  • Delete Blink account settings
  • Reset the blink camera
  • Substitute a new email address
How to set up blink outdoor camera?

Setting up a Blink outdoor camera Following a few simple steps makes the process easy.

  • Unbox and Install.
  • Sync with the App.
  • Connect Sync Module.
  • Configure Settings.
  • Test and Monitor.
Why is my Blink camera not detecting motion?

If your blink camera is not detecting motion, you can fix the problem by following the steps below:

  • Check Placement.
  • Motion Settings.
  • Battery Status.
  • Firmware Updates.
  • Clean Lens.


Finally, how to reset blink camera? I discussed this. I have described the process of doing this in a very nice and simple way. However, now you can easily reset your blinking camera. By doing this, if there is any problem like – green light, red light flashing, don’t worry, all these technical errors have very simple solutions that you can do yourself.