How to reset Lorex Camera – Easy and Effective Ways 2023

What if you need to reset your Lorex security camera? How do you reset the camera? Don’t worry, we are here.

Lorex is a famous brand and well-established old security camera company. If you troubleshoot any of these company’s devices by following proper guidelines. You will get good service for a long time.

With this guide, you will have a complete guide how to reset lorex camera. However, we will discuss various methods of resetting Lorex cameras and common troubleshooting methods. So stay tuned till the end.

Why do you need to reset your camera?

First, identify why you need to reset your camera. Because there are many reasons to reset the camera. For example, forgetting a password, having a camera error, or wanting to delete all customizations, etc. When you can identify the cause, the task becomes easier.

Resetting the Password of Your Lorex Camera
Resetting the Password of Your Lorex Camera

1: Resetting the Password of Your Lorex Camera

You forgot your security camera password for some reason. It could be. Now you can’t access the camera, showing the wrong password repeatedly. So what to do now?

You need to restore access to it.

Follow these steps to restore access:

  • Log in to the Lorex app. Then, access the Lorex Camera login page.
  • Then “Forgot Password” will appear and press it.
  • Pressing “Forgot Password” will ask for an email, and an OTP (one-time password) code will be sent to that email. Now, you will get your password if you verify with the code. If you want to change the password, confirm the new password and confirm with the new password, then your password will be changed.

However, the password recovery process is almost the same for all devices.

2: Restoring a Lorex Camera to Factory Defaults

Factory reset is when a device is set to the default values ​​when it was marketed by its manufacturer. Then, these settings are called Factory Made Reset. And when you do a factory reset, the device settings will go back to the new state.

However, you may need to factory reset your wifi security camera. Here’s how you do it:

  1. First, you locate the reset button. This is usually what you will find on your Lorex camera body.
  2. Now, you press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds.
  3. Be sure to release the reset button when the camera status light is on.
  4. Now, allow a few seconds for the camera to reboot automatically.

Basically, this is how Lorex cameras are reset.

To reset a Lorex doorbell camera
To reset a Lorex doorbell camera

To reset a Lorex doorbell camera

You must follow almost the same rules to reset the Lorex doorbell cameras. But since it is model-specific, you can follow the manual book of the camera.

Things to keep in mind while resetting a Lorex camera

Before resetting your used Lorex security camera, there are some things you need to keep in mind. For example-

  • Security cameras are used primarily for security in important places, home or office. So, take a backup of the video footage before resetting the camera.
  • Know the model of the camera you are using. And keep its manual or online resources handy
  • Be patient during the reset process. Because sometimes it may take a long time to reset the camera. There is nothing to fear.

Solving common reset problems

Sometimes, it is seen that some common problems occur while turning on the camera with reset. Check and solve these:

  • Do the power source and connection well to ensure stability
  • Adjust the network settings and signal strength to maintain the camera’s Wi-Fi network connection
  • If firmware updates are required, keep them updated and compatible for best performance.

How can you maintain Lorex cameras?

You need to know some expert tips for ongoing maintenance of Lorex cameras. For a long time, good service has been available from security devices. So, you need to maintain your Lorex camera from time to time.

Here are some expert tips:

  • Update the Lorex app and Lorex camera features as soon as any update notification comes.
  • Clean the camera lens regularly to get a clear view of your safety zone.
  • Securely mount the camera to prevent tampering and vandalism.

What country is the Lorex camera made in?

Lorex is founded in 1991 in Canada. The company has a long-standing reputation for intelligent smart home security cameras across North America. Committed to the design, development, and deployment of business monitoring solutions. Which continues to improve our customers’ lifestyle and sense of well-being.

Are Lorex cameras safe?

Sure, Lorex security cameras are safe. Lorex cameras compete with other security cameras like – Tuya Smart Camera, ANNKE Security Camera, Swan Security Camera, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, etc., and capture the market.


At first, resetting a Lorex camera is challenging. After reading the article, I hope resetting the camera is now a very easy task. Besides covering how to reset the Lorex camera, I have discussed how to reset the Lorex smart security cameras password, reset the Lorex camera to factory default, and reset the Lorex doorbell camera.

However, a proper reset of the Lorex camera keeps its performance intact, giving you the peace of mind you deserve when enhancing home security. To get the best out of Lorex security cameras, we need to know how to install Lorex cameras.