How to unregister blink camera without account – Proven tricks

Blink camera is superb for monitoring your home, pet, and office areas. But sometimes we have faced a problem that we can’t unregister the blink camera. Generally, it happens when you forget the blink account or lose the information. Without a Blink account, you won’t be able to view the camera footage. So, “How to unregister blink camera without account.” Don’t worry, I have some great solutions to solve the issues. Let’s dive into it!

How to unregister blink camera

It is almost impossible to unregister a blink camera without an account. But you can reset the blink camera even if you don’t have an account. There are many processes to unregister a camera, but you must understand which method might work for you. Let’s explore the steps one by one.

Process 1: Delete Blink account settings

If you already have another account linked to Blink, try this method. Also, you need to verify that you are the actual owner of the account and that it is now connected to your device. Another idea is that you can use your friend’s or trusted person’s account to try this method.

Note that you can never reactivate a deleted account.

How to delete Blink account:

  • Open Blink App
  • tap the Settings icon
  • Select the camera name you want to delete
  • Tap “Delete Camera” and confirm the pop-up
How to Reset the Blink camera

Process 2: Reset the Blink camera

To unregister blink camera without account, you need to perform a factory reset for the device. It will remove all the settings and system data. Even more, it will remove software bugs and glitches.

How to reset blink camera:

  • Find the reset button on the back or bottom of the camera 
  • Use a paper clip or non-metallic something to reach the button
  • Press and hold the reset button for about 30 seconds until the red light blinking
  • Release the button and wait to complete the process

Process 3: Substitute a new email address

If you forgot both login details and the email address, then you can try to replace the email address. Also, if you buy a blink camera and the owner gives you the email address, not the password, you can try this method.

To Replace a new email address:

  • Contact Blink support and explain the situation. They will help you to replace email.
  • After that, you can use the forgot password option and set a new one.
  • Once you can access the account, delete it using method one above.

How to change email on blink camera

To change email on the blink camera:

  • Go to Blink App
  • Tap on the Settings icon
  • Tap the “Account” icon from home screen
  • Click on the existing email 
  • Enter login details
  • Go “Change Email Address” option

How to turn off blink camera

Blink camera is a popular choice for everyone. You can monitor your home or office on your smartphone or tablet easily. But sometimes you may have to turn off the blink camera for several reasons. So, let’s know How to turn off blink camera step by step:

  • Open the Blink App
  • Tap the Camera Settings Icon
  • Select the Camera that You Want to Turn Off
  • Click the Camera Settings Icon
  • Turn Off the Camera
How to replace battery in blink camera

How to replace battery in blink camera

To replace the battery in the blink camera, follow these easy steps:

  • Remove the camera from the mount (Press the release button).
  • Open the battery compartment.
  • Remove the old batteries
  • Insert the new blink camera battery
  • Close the battery compartment
  • Reattach the blink camera to mount
  • Power on the camera and connect it to the app

How to install blink outdoor cameras 

To install blink outdoor camera properly, follow this step:

  • Install the Blink App
  • Make a New Account
  • Set Up Your Sync Module
  • Insert Batteries Into Blink outdoor Camera
  • Mount your Blink camera
  • Customize your outdoor camera settings

What if my blink camera is registered to another account

If your blink camera is registered to another account, you can switch your account using your email address. Also, you can delete all the settings to unregister the account. If it shows the same thing, then resetting your blink camera is the best option.

Now it’s your turn to unregister blink camera!

In this article, I explain all the possible steps about “How to unregister blink camera without account.” Following these steps, you can remove a blink camera from account and get it back on factory settings. However, it’s a little bit difficult and time consuming. If you need any help, contact blink support.

I hope you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading. See you in the next article.

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