Is Securly Illegal? : Unraveling the Controversy

Securly, an online security solution, has attracted attention and recently generated some controversy. This article will address FAQ and shed light on the controversies and user perceptions surrounding Securly.

Is Securly Illegal

No, Securly is not illegal. Securly is an online security solution designed to enhance safety in educational environments. It protects students from online threats. Ensures safety by limiting access to harmful content and helps promote responsible internet use.

While there may be some controversies or concerns surrounding its implementation and web filtering practices. But Securly operates within legal boundaries and complies with data privacy regulations. It is essential to use Securely responsibly and follow applicable laws and regulations.

What is the Controversy with Securely?

The controversy surrounding Securely revolved around its monitoring and filtering practices. This then raises concerns about privacy invasions and restrictions on online access. This report was made in 2017 by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Arrowhead High School. 

Some people, including parents and students, question the legitimacy of this practice. In contrast, others argue that Securly is necessary to ensure online safety in educational environments.

Typically this software monitors activity on school-owned equipment as well as students’ personal devices. This could be because students’ devices are connected to the school’s WiFi. 

But Securly says it monitors students’ internet searches. And the reason for this is to stay away from sites that suggest things like drug use, cyberbullying, or suicide. And if any student finds anything suspicious, they can report it to their parents. Securly could not show any evidence even if he said it verbally. So he has been criticized.

It later won the 2020 EdTech Breakthrough Award for using AI for student safety.

What is Securly?

Securly is an advanced online security platform designed to protect students. It aims to maintain a safe digital learning environment in educational settings. It employs cutting-edge technologies to monitor, filter, and report on web content accessed by students.

What does Securly do?

Securly offers a range of features, including web filtering, social media monitoring, cyberbullying detection, and real-time alerts. It helps schools and districts ensure students have limited access to inappropriate content. It protects students against online threats and promotes responsible internet usage.

Is Securly free for schools?

Securly offers both free and paid versions. The free version provides basic web filtering functionalities. But the paid version offers additional features and more comprehensive security solutions. Schools can choose the option that best suits their requirements and budget.

Why does Securly block everything?

Securly’s web filtering capabilities are designed to restrict access to potentially harmful or inappropriate content based on predefined categories and rules set by schools or districts. Sometimes, false positives may occur, leading to mistakenly blocking legitimate websites. This measure is in place to ensure student safety and maintain a secure online learning environment.

what is securly and is it legal?

Why do kids like Securly?

Although Securly may limit to some students. Parents and educators generally receive it well due to its ability to protect against cyber threats and create a safe online space. Some children appreciate the sense of security it provides, as it helps prevent exposure to harmful or inappropriate content.

Final Verdict about “Is Securly Illegal”

I think I have cleared the confusion about your questions  “Is Securly Illegal”.  Securly is vital in safeguarding students and maintaining a secure digital learning environment. In contrast, controversies and concerns may arise due to web filtering practices and occasional false positives. But it’s essential to consider the overarching goal of protecting students from online threats. 

Promoting responsible internet use through its balance of security and access to educational resources is commendable. Securly is a valuable tool for building a secure online learning environment.