Why is my blink camera flashing green? Let’s find out and solve

Blink is the most updated, easy-to-use, and reliable home security camera you can find at an affordable price. The demand and popularity of this home security device is increasing day by day. An important aspect of the blink camera is its indicator light. This light provides important information about the status of the camera.

When the green light on the camera turns on, we get worried. Then we wonder Why is my blink camera flashing green.

However, this is a common problem. Don’t worry about this problem. In addition to the green light signal, there are indicator lights like blue, red, and off-light signs. These indicators of different colors give different signals.

Reasons For Blink Camera Flashing Green

If the green light gives a steady signal, you know your blink security camera works properly. Again, suppose you see the green light flashing (off/on). In that case, you know that the Blink smart security camera is not connecting to the Internet properly.

However, besides a low internet connection, other factors cause the blinking camera flash   green problem. Let’s find out the reasons and how to solve these problems.

Lower internet connection

The first reason is the internet connection problem. This usually happens when the blink camera connection system loses its internet connection or the internet connection goes up or down. 

For example, when you restart your router but do not connect Blink Camera, the camera will flash green. Again, this issue occurs if you change your Wi-Fi password but need to set that new password on your Blink Wi-Fi Camera.

Fix the blink camera’s low internet connection.

First, ensure the wireless security camera is within range of the router. As the distance between the router and Blink modern cameras increases, the camera’s speed increases or decreases. If the Blink Mini camera cannot find a Wi-Fi network, turn off the Wi-Fi connection for a while and turn it back on to connect.

Fix the blink camera's low internet connection
Fix the blink camera’s low internet connection.

However, keep the wireless home smart wi-fi camera within 10 feet. Again if you see multiple devices connected to your Wi-Fi device. Then temporarily disconnect something and see if the camera connects properly.

Also, manufacturers often release updates to fix bugs and improve camera performance. Updating the software as soon as you receive the update notification will speed up the Internet and solve the flashing green light issue.

When the Wi-Fi password changes

If, for some reason, you change the Wi-Fi router password and don’t set up Blink Camera with the new password, it will lose connection to Wi-Fi. Input the changed, new password to restart the device. By doing this, you will get an internet connection again. This will cause the flashing green light to go away.

When the Wi-Fi password changes
When the Wi-Fi password changes

How to Update Your Blink Camera Password

Let’s learn how to set blink smart security camera Wi-Fi password in this step. To do this, first, remove the camera from the home Wi-Fi network.

According to Blink, follow how to remove the camera from the Wi-Fi network;

  1. First, go to the home screen of your Blink app.
  2. Then tap on “Settings.”
  3. Navigate to the bottom of the Settings screen.
  4. Then tap on “Delete Camera.”
  5. As soon as you press delete, the app will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the camera.
  6. Now you tap on “Delete” to delete the camera and bring you back to the home screen.
  7. After this, turn off the camera, take out the batteries, and wait about 15 seconds before putting the batteries back in.
  8. Return to the home screen.
  9. Tap “Add Device.”
  10. Select “Blink Wireless Camera System.” Now give the camera a name of your choice.
  11. Tap on “Discover Device.”
  12. Now scroll down and select your Wi-Fi network.
  13. Now you enter your new Wi-Fi password.
  14. Tap on “Done.”
  15. This time select “Add Blink Camera,” and the camera will be automatically added to your home Wi-Fi network. The green blinking light will disappear when the camera is activated online.

If you have any questions about this, you can contact Blink Support.

Interference between Wi-Fi signal and camera

Various heavy objects, such as metal objects, concrete, and thick wooden walls, can block Wi-Fi signals. It may flash a flashing green light.

If this is the case, move the router to an unobstructed location and place it closer to the camera. Then it will be solved.


Why does my camera blink green and red?

  • Usually, Blink Mini will show a red light when the camera is disconnected from the internet.

Why is my Blink camera flashing blue and red?

  • It signals when the camera’s battery starts to lose power. Change the battery as soon as the signal is seen. Otherwise, the camera may die sooner than expected.

How much internet speed is required for Blink Camera?

  • Blink systems require a consistent minimum upload speed of 2Mbps.

Why does my blink camera flash red 6 times?

  • The camera’s red light flashes 5 to 6 times when the battery is low. Do not use rechargeable batteries to power the blinking camera. Because rechargeable batteries cannot supply enough volts.

Why is my Blink camera not connecting?

  • Please move your camera closer to the sync module to successfully sync Wi-Fi from the camera and camera module. It’s essential to ensure that you have three times the signal strength. To achieve this, disconnect your modem and router for 30 seconds and then reconnect them.


Blink is a popular home security camera. Its use is constantly increasing. But it also has some technical issues. Every device has some technical problems. Please don’t panic about it.

Very common when you see the blink camera flashing green that the signal is not working. 

However, This is a minor issue that we have discussed. This is usually due to internet connection issues on the device. They include ISP outages, a Wi-Fi password change, signal range issues, signal blockage, signal interference, and a corrupted or failed receiver.