Why is my blink camera flashing red – Easy Fixing

Before 5-6 months ago, I updated my outdoor camera and picked up a popular choice, Blink. I happily install the camera and check that everything is fine. After 1 day, I suddenly saw a red light. And the first question in my mind is, “Why is my blink camera flashing red.” I was worried about my blink outdoor camera and wondering what to do. 

The good news is I have successfully fixed it and know about it in depth. Today we will know both the reasons and how we can solve that problem. So let’s dive into it.

Here are the causes for blink camera blinking red:

  • Motion Has Been Detected
  • Incomplete Setup Procedure
  • Weak internet connection and wifi signal.
  • Low batteries on the camera.
  • Other hardware issues.

The explanation for why blink camera flashing red

1: Motion Has Been Detected – Flashing red or orange

If the blink camera flashes red or orange when you pass by it, then nothing to worry about. It means that your camera is detecting motion; that’s why it’s blinking red. But if the flash goes longer than one or two seconds, then there is another problem.

2: Incomplete Setup Procedure – Solid Red Light On Mini Blink Camera

The blink camera flashes solid red light means the setup procedure is incomplete or still processing. To fix this issue, You need to reset the camera. Remember, after the reset, you must set up the sync module and your account again.

How to reset blink camera

How to reset blink camera:

  • Press and hold the reset button until its light turns red.
  • Use something like a paper clip or non-metallic to reach the button.
  • Please wait until it turns blinking green or solid blue.
  • The Sync Module will go into setup mode and automatically remove all cameras.
  • And lastly, set up the camera just like you did before.
  • After 2 minutes, check the Camera; If still showing a red light, you should call Blink support for help.

3: Weak internet connection & wifi signal. Blink camera red light Flashes four to five times.

Usually, this happens when your camera can’t find a reliable wifi connection or if the router is too far away. Also, sometimes the wifi router needs to be reset, and then the problem occurs.

To resolve this issue, reconnect to the Internet or move the camera closer to the router. If the problem seems again, start troubleshooting the router. 

Here is the process:

  • Unplug the router.
  • After waiting 60 seconds, plug it back.
  • Restart your network (If any option)
  • On the power and wait a few minutes
  • It will automatically reconnect
  • Sometime after disconnecting, it may need to be rebooted.

Or, If your connection seems okay, then just reconnect the camera to wifi again. Also, The blink app allows you to change the wifi.

To reconnect the network, Launch the Blink app and Tap the Sync Module from your list of devices. Before doing this, ensure the sync module and your phone must be on the same wifi network.

One of the main reason of Blink camera blinking red is low battery

4: Low batteries – Flashing red 6 times.

When the Blink camera’s red LED flashes 6 times continuously, it tells you that the batteries are dying. To fix this, you can change the batteries and use two fresh AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries.

To check the blink camera battery:

  • Go to Blink App
  • Tap the settings button
  • Go to “General Settings”
  • Find “Battery. Level”
  • You can see here what the issue is.

5: Other hardware issues. Contact Support

If you see any other issues, feel free to contact Blink Camera Support. Explain each and every error of your camera in detail and also your camera model number. They will solve the problem or guide you to fix it.

Why doesn’t my blink camera detect motion?

This could be due to the wifi router/modem being too far away or poor Internet. Also, low camera battery and outdated firmware can sometimes affect motion detection. Try to check them properly and fix them.

How to turn off clicking noise on Blink mini camera

How to turn off clicking noise on Blink mini camera?

Here is the solution for clicking noise on Blink mini camera.

Go to the Blink App > Select Device Settings > Select Audio Settings > Turn Off Clicking Noise.

Why is blink camera flashing green?

The blink camera green light meaning

  • The Internet is down
  • The internet provider is having issues
  • Weak wifi signal.
  • Blink server issues.

Conclusion About Why is my blink camera flashing red

It’s a common issue faced by almost everyone. Don’t panic and check all the problems carefully. As you can see, it’s not that much difficult. Blink camera Blinking red means poor wifi connection, low battery, or it may need to reset. Follow the guidelines step by step, and you will be able to fix the errors. If something seems complicated, just contact Blink support. They are very friendly and will help you to solve all your problems.